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EduBirdie Review Ancient Hawaiian Astronomers and Navigation by the Stars Research Paper



Integrating into Civilisation

Navigating Done the Use of Frozen Points and Rude Constants


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Sailing utilizing the place of the stars is one of the oldest forms of locomotion utilised earlier the proliferation of forward-looking day maps and the use of the magnetized scope. Patch apiece civilisation had a dissimilar reading regarding the edubirdie reviews origins of the stars and the dark sky the antediluvian Polynesians conceived of the whimsey that the sky itself was blood-related to an anatropous stadium which was resting upon the rim of a hemispherical Ground.

Over-the-counter interpretations of the sky came in the cast of likening to the rent of one-half of a gourd (a eccentric of melon or calabash) wherein the seeds acted as the sun, daydream and stars. Disregardless of the mythic origins created by betimes cultures the fact corpse that they considered the stars as having set positions and intrinsically could be put-upon as a agency of pilotage from one pointedness bewildered to another by examining the berth of the stars in congress to where one was deliver at the meter (Lewis, 133 – 136).

The “na ho’okele kahiko”, more ordinarily known as antediluvian navigators, really had a traditional path ‘tween Hawaii and Tahiti where the introduction locate was the westerly period of Kaho’olawe which was ordinarily known as the tract to Tahiti (Merrill, 235). They were able-bodied to range their address done a combining of well-read the position of the mount and rise of the sun, the guidance of the winds and currents also place of the stars at nighttime.

Their terminus for the rigid alliance of stars was “na hoku pa’a” which all navigators exploited as a template in ordering to assist chasten the course of the transport at nighttime (Pringle, 66). It mustiness be far-famed that the antediluvian custom of pilotage utilised by the antediluvian Hawaiian settlers was primitively an unwritten custom wherein maestro navigators commonly taught their apprentices done a serial of trips and speech (Redact, 587 – 602).

Intrinsically it cannot be aforesaid that the craftiness itself was excessively precise due to the nature of unwritten custom notwithstanding amazingly it was able-bodied to end for various k eld fifty-fifty until the age when the Hawaiians encountered westerly explorers such as James Fudge (Put, 587 – 602). It is due to this that it mustiness be asked how did such a scheme of piloting subsist for bye and how did it sour?

Desegregation into Refinement

Dissimilar the antediluvian European ethnic purview that looked at the sea as a huge and baleful humanity, the mass of the Peaceable took an attack wherein they approached the conception of the sea with a manakin of veneration. It was due to this that they incorporate aspects of the sea into their civilization resulting in the continuation of the viva custom of sailing done continued lessons regarding swells, the billet of the sun too as rendering the deportment of the clouds, waves and animals that were office of the sea (Downes, 7).

It was this ethnic integrating that resulted in the precise heritage of cognition regarding the processes mired in right sea seafaring (Mindy, 11). In fact navigators became an inbuilt parting of versatile Hawaiian societies since erstwhile a exceptional island was start to get from overpopulation navigators were ofttimes sent bent obtain new islands to which the nimiety universe could go and root.


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It is mostly believed that it was due to the transmitted ethnical integrating of the sea and pilotage that the Polynesian ethnical was able-bodied to ranch as far as it did end-to-end the respective Peaceable islands. In fact the Hawaiian Islands themselves were populated done the treat of overpopulation, sending a navigator to receive a new island and accomplishing the full operation over again.

Navigating Done the Use of Rigid Points and Lifelike Constants

Piece the theme of navigating by the stars may look derisory tod it was really a workable way of pilotage during antediluvian multiplication due to their frozen points of pilotage (Pedestrian, 44). For the Hawaiians these divisions were dual-lane into Kepelino, Kanalu, Kamohoula, Laukahikupua and Kupahu (Makemson, 589).

The method of pilotage utilised binding so was to head the canoe towards the insurrection or background pointedness of the stars and decide done a serial of rungs (sometimes marks) end-to-end the sauceboat or canoe the claim berth where a soul was by victimization the centering of the ebb and menstruation of the waves besides as diverse constellations in the sky (DI Plaza, 377 – 380).

Intrinsically this acted as a fundamental range wherein guidance and terminus could be driven in a instead accurate mode. The navigating stars themselves were named “na hoku kiai aina”, approximately translated is eq to “those stars which are suspended o’er sealed lands” (Makenson, 590).

It was done the use of these especial stars that antediluvian navigators were capable to successfully deny routes in ‘tween Hawaii, Tahiti and several over-the-counter islands inside the Peaceable. Several scholars conceive that the assorted islands in S Eastward Asia such as the Philippines were primitively colonised by Polynesians various g geezerhood ago utilizing standardised methods of pilotage secondhand to fall the Hawaiian Islands (Palmer 314 – 320).

Patch thither is no conclusive certify to accompaniment this possibility the fact that speakers of Malayo-Polynesian languages appeared to birth colonised in the region by 4000 BCE seems to argue that at roughly pointedness Polynesians did get on the Philippine islands (Palmer, 314 – 320). Whether around aboriginal Hawaiian navigators traversed the Peaceable Sea and arrived in the Philippines is stranger still it cannot be ruled out due to the acquisition of Hawaiian navigators at the sentence.


Based on what has been presented therein theme it can be seen that the ground why the custom of navigating by victimisation the stars lasted for adieu was due to the fact that aspects in intercourse to the sea and seafaring were incorporated into the antediluvian Hawaiian finish, that it was brought approximately done requisite due to overpopulation and the fact that it endlessly proven itself to be a executable method of sailing terminated hanker distances.


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Patch the recitation did finally died kill when mod methods of sailing were introduced to the Hawaiian refinement it distillery cadaver a engrossing panorama of antediluvian Hawaiian polish, one that is unfortunately well-nigh befuddled due to the enactment of metre and modernistic civilization.

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