Talent your business

Being a market leader is a matter of talent. Starting with your own team.


Harpoon works wonders

Boost your talent sourcing

Harpoon makes talent sourcing easier. All you need to do is showcase your company profile and create a position. We’ll take care of the rest.

Match with the best

We focus on talent. By filtering candidates upfront, we guarantee it is only composed by Talented Leaders. If they accept a match, you already know they’re excited about your offer.

Reach passive candidates

Talents are usually passive candidates and enjoy anonymity. Their contact information is private until they’re selected for an interview, putting them at ease to browse opportunities off the record.

Receive relevant profiles

Our matching algorithm uses multiple criteria and aims to ensure that you are always matched with the right candidates who are already interested in your offer.

Click to chat

Matches are delivered to your inbox as they come in. With a single click, choose the candidates you are actually interested in chatting with.

Chat smart

Our chatting technology was developed to be a powerful assessment tool. Choose the criteria and questions we have predefined for you or chat as you wish.

Match with the best


Our Talented Leaders Philosophy

We believe that leaders whatever their age are visionary and bold people who listen, inspire, empower and influence others towards the achievement of a goal.

We value leaders for their unique talent, set of competencies, values, entrepreneurship and personality.

We look for leaders with potential to adapt to ever-changing business environments and grow into challenging new roles.

We know that talent is not an “absolute concept”: it’s a matter of matching an individual in a particular context.

This is the purpose of Harpoon.

We match, you chat, and Harpoon will bring you the talented leaders you have been wishing for.

Common questions

How much does it cost?

Harpoon has a success model fee - we charge 10% of the Annual Gross Salary (base + variable), with a minimum of €4500, per hired candidate. It is then split into three:

  • A hiring bonus of €250 reverts to the hired talented leader
  • A €250 reward prize is awarded to each member who referred a hired candidate to join Harpoon
  • The remainder is well spent in helping more companies build great and talented teams.
How do you filter candidates upfront?

We strive to validate the high performance of the candidates, which must have granted them the ability to acquire key responsibilities or expertise within one or several organizations. The candidates’ ability to stand out is also demonstrated, for example, by answering 3 questions which show their motivation and aptitude to communicate effectively.

Why can’t I browse for candidates?

Whenever you get a notification, Harpoon already has a match for you, so you don’t need to search for talent yourself. Protecting the candidates’ anonymity also pushes them into choosing Harpoon when job hunting, because odds are great talent is already employed and wants to job hunt under the radar.