Find the job that fits your talent

Being a leader is a matter of talent. Starting with your own career.


Harpoon works wonders

Ease your job hunting

All you need to do is submit your profile to be a Harpoon member. Once your application is approved, we’ll send you a notification every time there’s a match - forget scraping job sites.

Match with the best

We aim for leaders. We only work with the best leading companies to ensure you end up in a place that meets your ambitions.

Enjoy anonymity

Feel comfortable while hunting for a job under the radar. Your profile only showcases what companies want to know, and your contact information is only disclosed with your approval.

Receive relevant job offers

You deserve to only be paired with top opportunities. When our matching technology pairs you with one based on your profile and desires, you’ll know there’s a relevant job offer on the table.

Lead the match

Only accept matches you’re interested in and pass on the ones that haven’t caught your eye. When you and the company mutually accept a match, we’ll make the introduction.

Chat directly

In case there’s a mutual match, you can directly chat with the company. You’ve both already agreed you’re a potential candidate, so forget submitting your application - it’s done.

Match with the best


We love talent and we love rewarding it

Get hired and receive a €250 hiring bonus from Harpoon!

Refer someone you consider a talent to join Harpoon. If he gets hired, receive a €250 reward prize from Harpoon!

Common questions

How much does it cost?

Harpoon is completely free for talented leaders.

Why can’t I browse for job offers?

Whenever you get a notification, Harpoon already has a match for you, so you don’t need to search for job offers yourself - forget the hassle.

Is my profile anonymous?

Your name, contact information, previous and current employers are anonymous. The rest of your profile is presented to companies so they can decide if you’re a match. If they do, and if you decide to continue the recruitment process after chatting, you’ll have the possibility to share your complete profile information by clicking on “contact me”.

Will I match with my current employer?

No. Our algorithm makes sure you don’t match with the Leading Company you’re currently employed at.