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Bringing together Talented Leaders and Leading Companies to create the recruitment process
everyone has been wishing for.

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At Harpoon, our ultimate ambition is creating the best team in every single company.

We keep our eyes open for both players in the process: the candidates and the companies. Those who make themselves known and whose names are never forgotten.

We aim for leaders. We believe being a leader is not a question of age or market share. It’s a matter of talent.

We want Talented Leaders to find offers that live up to the way they want their careers to grow. Harpoon is a discreet way of finding your next big challenge.

We want Leading Companies to find the perfect candidate. Harpoon is a modern solution that finds you the one you’re eager to hire.

Harpoon brings together Talented Leaders and Leading Companies. We match. They chat. The recruitment process turns into what everyone has been wishing for.
At Harpoon, we match the best with the best.

We match Leaders.

Management Team

Matthieu Douziech
Founder & CEO

Passionate about people, Matthieu created Harpoon after 12 years of international HR experience in order to fix the “broken” recruiting system. He faced the daunting task of hiring great talents through the existent sourcing tools and dreamt of a solution that would turn the recruitment process into what everyone has been wishing for. This solution is Harpoon.jobs.

Elísio Sousa

HR consultant with international experience in Brussels and in Johannesburg, Elísio experienced executive search and digital sourcing operations. Fast paced learner with a huge drive for excellence and results, Elísio ensures Harpoon operations keeping his eyes open for both players in the process: the candidates and the companies.


Rui Domingos

Investment banker with M&A and corporate finance experience in Lisbon and in London, private equitier and executive board member at an industrial services portuguese SME. Rui is also advising innovative companies as well as investing in SME with challenging development strategies. He has a strong background in finance and operational management.

Domingos Folque Guimarães

Serial entrepreneur on the tech ad. and entertainment industry. He's now focused on growing his new code school social impact project: Academia de Códigos. Domingos is mentor of the year at Start-up Lisboa and jury at Portugal Ventures. He has lived 10 years in London, 2 in Madrid and travelled extensively around the world.


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1050-121 Lisbon

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