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Executive Search Reinvented

In times of constant change, you cannot expect to find exceptional talent by using the same old methods.

We create a unique experience based on how executive search should work - not how it has always been done.

Our collective intelligence is a breakthrough solution in the market, resulting in a deep talent pool across all industries and geographies.

It also allows us to make superb matches between companies and leaders.

But we don't stop there.

Leaders hired with our assessment methodology are more likely to be promoted within three years.

We offer the most holistic perspective on candidates’ competencies, personality traits, motivations and experiences aligned with the role. We're not only satisfied with scoring a goal - we want to win the match.

Hiring the leader is just the first step to building an A-Team.

Your business can count on us for the long run.

Our journey with Harpoon has been very positive and constructive: more than just a platform-based algorithm that ´finds the perfect match between candidates and companies', Harpoon is a true business partner.

Gilda Raposo | Generali Seguros

I have known Harpoon for some years and it has been a successful partnership based on a relationship with a dynamic and close team and at the same time a digital and innovative solution.

Catarina Graça | Claranet

Harpoon is an online recruitment platform totally adapted to the present digital world in which we live. At Perrigo we’ve been working with Harpoon for 4 years and we are very happy with the results!

Beatriz Caeiro | Perrigo

Harpoon’s collective Intelligence

We're made of sharp algorithms, thinkers, doers, strategists, and creators.

Harpoon’s Digital Platform

Harpoon’s Team

Market Research



A digital platform to match market leaders.

The days of unfitted candidates and meaningless reports are gone.

How it works

Join Harpoon and find the best leaders

Get access to the deepest, richest talent pool. You'll only be paired with talented leaders carefully curated for your company.

Have the right people by your side

Our cutting-edge technology is paired with our highly experienced team. We'll assist you every step of the way.

Experience our digital reports

Our digital reports are sleek and sharp, summarizing the most relevant information in an efficient design. We sort out what you really need to know about the short-listed candidates, with real-time updates.

Talent management solutions.

World’s rapid pace is putting pressure on conventional approaches to training. Our goal is to provide business leaders with strong resilience and reinvention skills so that we can all thrive through times of uncertainty.

Our Solutions


Get to know your employees in-depth, make data-driven decisions and help them reach their full potential within your company. We adapt the process and tools to respect the culture and strategic goals of each company, through a digital and remote assessment process that integrates results into individual reports and group dashboards.

Consulting Solutions

Empowering our Client's growth and helping business and HR leaders through insightful diagnosis. We delve deep to uncover the core challenges our Clients face, and craft tailor-made solutions that address the root cause - elevating your business potential.

Career Design - mentoring - coaching

Learn from inspiring innovators who matter for your business. Engage your employees with a perfect blend of suitable learning content and face-to-face mentoring for a clear progression.