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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Harpoon?

Harpoon is a web and mobile app that matches Talented Leaders with Leading Companies and their job offers.

How does Harpoon work?

Harpoon uses its own algorithm to do the heavy lifting. We scour profiles and job offers, and match them together so you don't have to. All you need to do is accept a match if you're interested or skip it if you're not. We'll make the introduction and then candidates and employers can start chatting.

Why do I have to apply first?

We want Talented Leaders to recognize Harpoon as the platform that offers them a suitable match with great jobs from top Leading Companies. In the same way, we want Leading Companies to recognize Harpoon as the best place to find the Talented Leaders they're eager to hire. By applying first, we ensure that everyone ends up with a suitable match for each other.

My application was approved and I've completed my profile. Now what?

First of all, congratulations! Now all you need to do is wait for a match.

Talented Leaders

What is a Talented Leader?

A Talented Leader is our term to describe a professional, no matter the age, who is visionary and bold, who listens, inspires, empowers and influences others towards achieving a goal in ever-changing business environments. We know that the concept of Talent is not absolute: it's a matter of matching an individual in a particular context. This is the purpose of Harpoon.

Is my profile anonymous?

Your name, contact information, previous and current employers are anonymous. The rest of your profile is presented to companies so they can decide if you’re a match. If they do, and if you decide to continue the recruitment process after chatting, you’ll have the possibility to share your complete profile information by clicking on “contact me”.

Do I have to pay to use Harpoon?

Harpoon is completely free for Talented Leaders.

Why can't I browse for job offers?

Whenever you get a notification, Harpoon already has a match for you, so you don't need to search for job offers yourself. Forget the hassle!

What kind of jobs will I be matched with?

We aim to have job offers in a big variety of industries, and every match you’ll receive will be according to your profile, criteria and ambitions.

How long do I have to accept or reject a match?

You have 15 days to accept or reject a match.

Will I match with my current employer?

Our algorithm makes sure you don’t match with the leading company you’re currently employed at. Relax, with Harpoon you’re completely under the radar.

Leading Companies

What is a leading company?

A leading company is our term to describe a company that stands out among its competitors. It’s not just about your company’s market share, it’s about its attitude, stance in society, and investment in talent.

Is Harpoon a recruitment agency?

No. We are solely a web and mobile matching platform that brings together talented leaders and leading companies. We give them a chance to match and directly chat with each other before an official interview.

How can I create a job offer?

You only need to log into your leading company account and click on Post a Job on your dashboard. Next, fill in all the information about the job offer and post it. After we make sure everything is a-ok and approve it, get ready to be matched with great talents!

How long do I have to accept or reject a match?

You have 15 days to accept or reject a match.

I just posted a job offer and it's marked as "pending review". Why?

Before we post any job offer, we make sure to review it first. We do it to ensure that it’s clear and not missing any important detail. We also evaluate the chance of existing a match and if it’s a job offer fit for our pool of talented leaders. Your job offer is currently being reviewed and we’ll let you know whether it gets approved very soon.

A job offer I posted was rejected. Why?

It could happen for a number of reasons. Either it's not clear or complete enough or we think there isn't a great chance of matching. If you have any questions regarding your job offers, just send us an email at

What kind of job offers do you accept?

We accept every kind of job offer apart from staffing and outsourcing positions. Every job offer posted must be from companies that directly hire their own employees.

Do I have to pay to use Harpoon?

Harpoon has a success model fee of 10% of the Annual Gross Salary (base + variable), with a minimum of €4500, per hired candidate. It is then split into three: - A hiring bonus of €250 reverts to the hired talented leader - A €250 reward prize is awarded to each member who referred a hired candidate to join Harpoon - The remainder is well spent in helping more companies build great and talented teams.